Idioms about space — Английские идиомы о космосе

Идиомы и слова связанные с космосом

The sky is the limit  

the possibilities are endless

When we’re young we think we can do everything and only the sky is the limit.
During the war, the losses can be crucial, actually, the sky is the limit.
Our business started its growth and the sky is the limit hopefully.

Out of this world

something that is exceptional

Wow, your cooking is out of this world!
Their concert was out of this world, I can’t wait to tell you about it.
The bride looks so beautiful and her dress is out of this world.


a cute, affectionate name for a friend or loved one

Good morning Sunshine. How are you? (Sunshine is not the light outside, but the person in front of you.)

Reach for the stars  

to set very ambitious goals

My parents always taught me to reach for the stars when I was growing up—that I could be anything I want!
Any person can do things that seem impossible. They just have to try hard and reach for the stars.


Head in the clouds

to be out of touch with the everyday world and to be unrealistic because of it

He thinks he’ll learn how to play the piano in four weeks. He definitely has his head in the clouds.
Janette must have her head in the clouds if she thinks her insurance company is going to pay the full cost of rebuilding and refurnishing her house.
William’s head is in the clouds. He needs to be a bit more realistic.

Live on another planet  

behave differently from another people and do not notice what’s happening around you.

What he says doesn’t always make much sense. He seems like living on another planet.
She’s been cheating on him for years, but he’s living on another planet and doesn’t notice anything.

Over the moon

extremely happy

Kids will be over the moon if they go to Disney theme park.
When he proposed her, she was over the moon and accepted right away.
We were over the moon when we moved to a cottage from a dorm.

To be down to earth

practical and rational person

Steven is an artist and a real dreamer, but luckily his wife Sarah is down to earth, so she takes care of their day-to-day lives.
He is very down to earth at problems solving, he always knows what to do.
I’m a down to earth person and sometimes I want to be more dreamy and irrational.


a holiday taken by a couple immediately after their marriage

They got married and spent their honeymoon in Europe.
You’re getting married tomorrow and where are you going on your honeymoon?
When we got married with my wife we didn’t have much opportunity to travel, so we had our honeymoon many years later.




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